Any Turkish drones factory in Ukraine to be demilitarized –Russia

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Russian Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that opening any Turkish factory for producing attack drones in Ukraine will be immediately demilitarized.

“The fact of opening such facility, which will be definitely an immediate subject to the course of demilitarization, will only prolong the sufferings of Ukrainians but will in no way help to avoid the main objective of the special military operation,” Tass said quoting Peskov as saying.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, announced on Monday that a Turkish company, Baykar, purchased a land plot in Ukraine to build a factory for producing attack drones on Ukrainian territory.

“The factory will be built. Just a week ago, the government approved the bilateral agreement and sent it to the parliament for ratification, the agreement on the construction of the plant itself,” Bodnar said.

Totally, Ukraine has received about 50 armed drones from Baykar since the beginning of the invasion, three of which were donated by the company to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Talking about the Turkish drones produced by Baykar, Bodnar said, that they are “already a legend of our resistance,” as the company sold about 20 ones of them to Kyiv during the past two years.

Reporting by Emma Jamal