Casualties in unusual Turkish bombardment of NE Syria

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Turkish forces escalated on Tuesday their attacks on the entire region of northeastern Syria, causing casualties and material damage.

The shelling targeted the countryside of Qamishli and the towns of Derbasiyah, Amuda and al-Qahtaniya (Terbe Spiyeh).

The Turkish forces struck with several artillery shells the vicinity of three military posts of the Syrian government forces in the western countryside of Amuda, and north and west of Terbe Spiyeh.

An exclusive source told North Press that one of the shells landed on the vicinity of a government post located near the village of Tel Hamdoun between Derbasiyah and Amuda. The same post was also targeted yesterday.

The source stated that five mortar shells landed on the village within five minutes.

The Turkish forces also shelled the villages of Shalhoumiya, Gardem and Kil Hasanak in the northern countryside of Terbe Spiyeh. Regarding the town’s western countryside, the forces hit the villages of Tel Jihan, Rortan, Affa, Tel Bishk and Malla Abbas, amid reports of injuries among Malla Abbas’ residents, according to an eyewitness.

The semi-targeted government posts are located in the villages of Gardem and Malla Abbas.

Civilian injuries

Nine-year-old girl Kawthar Nayef was injured in the Turkish shelling of the village of Tel Sha’eer, east of Qamishli. She was transferred to a hospital in Qamishli for treatment.

A farmer in his thirties was also wounded by shrapnel in the hand when he was working on his farmland north of Amuda.

A special source at al-Rahma Hospital in Qamishli city told North Press that they received seven people of those wounded in the Turkish shelling, adding that their health condition is stable.

The injured are 33-year-old Halapcha Rashid, 38-year-old Arin Abdul-Aziz al-Hassan, 12-year-old Muhammad Salih, 10-year-old Miran Salah, 5-year-old Aylan Salah and 16-year-old Bilind Muhammad Shamsaddin.

Since Monday, all areas adjacent to the Syrian-Turkish border have witnessed repeated Turkish attacks.

The sudden escalation comes after Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi on August 5.

Reporting by Nalin Ali, Muhammad al-Omari