Hospital In Syria’s Hasakah Receives 3 Injured Due To Turkish Shelling

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – People’s Hospital in Hasakah received on Saturday three wounded civilians, one seriously injured, after Turkish shelling targeted their village in the countryside of Tel Tamr, a town north of Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria. 

Earlier on Saturday, the villages of al-Abush, al-Ghaibish, al-Tawila, Umm al-Keif, al-Gozaliya and Tel Laban were all shelled by the Turkish forces, resulting in the injury of nine civilians, including children, according to what medical and military sources told North Press.

The town of Tel Tamr north of Hasakah has been under constant attack by Turkish military and its affiliated armed opposition factions, known as Syrian National Army (SNA), for more than two years.

The hospital received each of Nofa al-Ali, 65, sustained abdominal injuries caused by shrapnel; Halwa al-Awad, 50, hit by shrapnel in the chest; and Ahmad al-Muhammad, had a comminuted fracture in his right humerus and shrapnel in the abdomen, leaving him in critical condition. All of them are from the village of Umm al-Khair in Tel Tamr countryside.

Antar Sino, a doctor at the hospital, told North Press that “Both of the women are in a stable condition, but the man suffered severe injuries to his right hand, and most probably it would be amputated.”

Injured woman Halwa al-Awad said, “We were in our village, sleeping on the rooftop, and all of a sudden, the shelling started hitting us.”

“When we tried to get out of the village, the shells were landing left and right,” she added.

She said that the bombardment was not targeting any military positions, but “only civilians.”

Tel Tamr, which has a population of about 25.000 and is 30 km away from the Syrian-Turkish border, is of strategic importance as it is a junction on the M4 Highway linking the Jazira region in northeast Syria to Aleppo Governorate in northwest.  

Reporting by Jindar Abdulqader