Turkish military column enters northern Syria’s Aleppo

ALEPPO, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday evening, a Turkish military convoy entered Syria through al-Rai border crossing in Aleppo northern countryside and headed towards al-Bab area in the eastern countryside.

A special source told North Press, “The convoy included military equipment, tanks, and personnel carriers, in addition to ammunition vehicles. It entered through al-Rai crossing and headed towards al-Bab area.”

The source added, “The convoy entered from al-Rai crossing near the town of al-Rai, north of Aleppo, and proceeded towards the contact lines [separating the government and the Turkish-backed factions] in the city of al-Bab, east of Aleppo.”

These military movements by Turkey and its affiliated Syrian armed opposition factions, also known as the Syrian National Army (SNA), come in conjunction with Turkey’s threats to launch a new military operation in northern Syria, aiming at the two Syrian cities of Manbij and Tel Rifaat.

On the other hand, the government forces and the Iranian-backed militias sent military reinforcements that stationed in and around Tel Rifaat, and set up earthen berms.

Reporting by Farouq Hamo