In 24 hours.. Turkey targets village in Syria’s north twice

ALEPPO, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, Turkish artillery targeted the village of Ibbin, in Sherawa district in the countryside of Afrin, north of Aleppo with two shells, reporting no human or material losses.

A military source told North Press that the shelling is the second in less than 24 hours.

The two shells fell down in the vicinity of Ibbin, according to the source.

On Tuesday, a Turkish shell fell down on a house in the village. As a result the 19-year-old Nisrin Hassan and her sister Yasmin were wounded, and material losses were reported in the targeted house.

Also, the Turkish artillery targeted more than ten villages in the northern countryside of Aleppo with over 150 shells.

For over two weeks, villages in Aleppo northern countryside have been subjected to daily shelling by the Turkish forces and their affiliated armed Syrian opposition factions.

The Turkish increasing military escalation in the villages of Aleppo northern countryside comes in tandem with successive statements by Turkish officials about an approaching potential Turkish military operation against areas in Syria’s north.

Reporting by Faya Milad