Residents in Syria’s Sere Kaniye take to street against security chaos

TEL TAMR, Syria (North Press) – On Friday, hundreds of residents of the city of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), which is run by Turkish forces and the Turkish-backed armed Syrian opposition factions, took to street, condemning security chaos and crime prevalence in the region.

Two unidentified attackers, believed to be members of the Turkish-backed factions also known as Syrian National Army (SNA), shot dead on Thursday morning the goldsmith Muhammad al-Barhawi in front of his house in Sere Kaniye.

The attacker also stole his bag that contained money and gold.

The protesters, during ceremonies of morning al-Barhawi, called for stopping the security chaos in the region. Areas run by the Turkish forces and the SNA in northeast Syria continue to witness increasing stealing, kidnappings, exploitation and killing.

Sere Kaniye has been run by the Turkish forces and the SNA factions since late 2019 following the Turkish military operation of Peace Spring, causing displacement to tens of thousands of original residents.

Reporting by Dilsoz Youssef