Syrian Parliament condemns Turkish threats to northern Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – People’s Assembly of Syria

warned on Monday of the Turkish threats to occupy new Syrian areas and establish a safe zone. It also warned of the methods of forced displacement it uses with the aim of demographic change in northern Syria.

The parliament published a statement on its official Facebook page, in which it said that Turkey is still releasing statements that challenge and violate international laws, charters and norms through threatening northern Syria and occupying new parts of Syrian territory.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on May 23 that Ankara would resume its efforts to establish a 30-kilometer (18.6-mile) depth safe zone along its southern border with Syria.

“The Turkish regime aims, through this occupation, to revive the illusions of the safe zone, cause a new wave of displacement of the region’s residents. It also seeks to bring about demographic change in the region, and to create a new reality that threatens the regional and international peace and security,” it added.

 “It is known to everyone the malicious Turkish policy to achieve despicable goals and gains. The regional and international attitudes confirm the non-legitimization of this occupation military intervention in Syrian. There is an international consensus on rejecting of the so-called safe zone,” the statement said.

The statement stressed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian state and its right to use legitimate means to defend itself in the face of the Turkish and Israeli occupation and the terrorist organizations.

At the conclusion of its statement, the parliament condemned the bombing of villages in northern Syria by Turkish forces and their affiliated opposition SNA factions. It also condemned Turkey as it does not commit to the decisions issued by the Astana and Sochi meeting.

Reporting by Salman al-Harbi