Russian military vehicles seen driving along Syrian-Jordanian border

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – Russian military vehicles, accompanied by the Syrian government forces officers, were seen driving along the Syrian-Jordanian border, one day after the Jordanian king’s statements.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned on Wednesday that Iran and its proxies may fill a vacuum left by Russia in southern Syria which could lead to issues along Jordan’s borders.

More than 10 Russian military vehicles roamed the Syrian-Jordanian border in the western countryside of Daraa governorate. The vehicles were accompanied by a number of the  government forces officers, local sources told North Press.

The visit lasted for nearly two hours and included many villages and towns along the Jordanian borders, namely Maariya, Koya and al-Qusayr.

“The military vehicles, after completing their tour, headed directly to Damascus, which suggests that there were high-ranking Russian officers inside the cars,” the sources said.

The residents believed that the Russian tour is a message to the Kingdom of Jordan that Russian forces are still present in southern Syria, contrary to the statements of the Jordanian ruler.

Reporting by Mo’ayed al-Ashqar