SDF leader denies ISIS members’ escape from prison in Syria’s Hasakah

Al-SHADDADI, Syria (North Press) – An official in al-Shaddadi Military Council of the Syrian democratic Forces (SDF) denied on Thursday that any members of ISIS had escaped from al-Shaddadi Prison, south of Hasakah in northeast Syria.

Social media pages and websites circulated news during the last two days that four ISIS members escaped from al-Shaddadi Central Prison, after killing two prison guards.

“The news on escaping some members of ISIS from al-Shaddadi Central Prison is not true,” Sayil al-Zoba’, a leader in the al-Shaddadi Military Council, told North Press.

Tightening the security guard on the prison came as the result of the fall of two shells in the vicinity of al-Jabsa oil field two days ago, he added.

On Monday, unknown assailants targeted the vicinity of the American base in al-Shaddadi with two shells. One shell fell near a medical point in al-Jabsa oil field, while the other fell on the house of a resident without causing any casualties.

Al-Zoba’ said, “Such news is in the interest of some parties, including ISIS, which is active in the region. The aim of this news is to destabilize the region.”

Al-Shaddadi Central Prison, 3 km northeast of the city, houses thousands of ISIS militants held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Reporting by Bassem Shweikh