Turkish shelling of Syria’s Raqqa countryside leaves casualties

AIN ISSA, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, a person lost his life and another one was wounded in the bombardment of Turkish forces and the affiliated opposition factions on the countryside of Tel Abyad town, north of Raqqa, north Syria, with missiles and heavy weapons.

The villages of Ahmadiya, Dunyak, Arida, Bir Arab, Sarzuri, Hurriya, Kuberlak, Khani and Bandar Khan, were bombed by the Turkish forces and opposition factions,  a local source told North Press.

“Hammoud Ali Issa (16) from the village of al-Eidania lost his life near the village of Bandar Khan, and an elderly man was seriously injured in the village of Bir Arab and was transported to the city of Manbij,” the source added.

“Dozens of shells fell on those villages, which are only one kilometer away from the Turkish-Syrian border,” the source said.

The bombing took place before Iftar, and resulted in material damage to the residents’ property, according to the source.

The countryside of Tel Abyad, Ain Issa, and other areas in northeast Syria are frequently bombarded by the Turkish forces and the affiliated opposition factions.

Reporting by Gulistan Muhammad