Turkey intensified attacks on northeast Syria in April says SDF

QAMISHLO, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that Turkey has escalated its attacks on northeast Syria since the beginning of this April, taking advantage of the silence of the guarantors of the ceasefire agreement, in reference to the US and Russia.

The SDF revealed the total toll of the Turkish attacks on northeast Syria since the beginning of this April, saying that Turkey and the affiliated opposition factions have intensified their attacks on populated areas in the countryside of Ain Issa town in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

Since the beginning of this month, the villages of Mu’allaq, Sayda, Jeddah, Ain Issa camp, and the vicinity of the M4 highway, have been subjected to ten attacks, and about 48 different shells have fallen on the aforementioned areas.

The village of al-Musherfa was subjected to 13 attacks, and 63 shells fell on the village and its surroundings, according to SDF statement.

The villages of Umm al-Baramil, Hawija, al-Fatsa, al-Ghazli and Skairo have been hit with artillery shelling five times since the beginning of the month.

The aforementioned villages were hit more than 40 rockets, artillery and mortar shells, in addition to daily targeting with medium machine guns.

On April 16, a civilian called Hassan Hamad al-Salama, was injured in the Turkish bombing of the village of al-Ghazli. Parts of his house was destroyed in the bombing and a number of his livestock was killed, too.

On April 9, the village of al-Arida in the countryside of Tel Abyad, was attacked by dozens of shells. The attck came in tandem with the flight of Turkish reconnaissance aircraft over the area.

Reporting by Adnan Hamo