Vegetable oil production does not cover markets of NE Syria, official

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) –  The production of the vegetable oil factory does not cover the market’s needs, Salman Barudo, co-chair of Economy and Agriculture Board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), said on Saturday.

The daily amount of oil produced by the factory is estimated between 25 to 30 tons, Barudo told North Press. 

The amount does not cover the needs of people in northeast Syria, Barudo noted.

“The AANES works to minimize the Ukraine’s war implications on northeast Syria,” Barudo told North added.

Barudo pointed out that the ongoing war in Ukraine “affects the global economy, which in turn affects the region’s markets.” 

Russia and Ukraine are top exporters of several commodities, food stuff in particular, and in light of their conflict, the global market lost the key products for these commodities, according to Barudo.  

“Monitoring the markets of northeast Syria and price control are some measures the AANES adopts to preserve the market stability.”

On March 14, Raqqa’s Chamber of commerce attributed the recent jump in food prices to the trade manipulation, and the poor role of the committee of the supply commodity in carrying out its duties.

Reporting by Ammar Abdullatif