ISIS plans for significant attack on Syria’s Hawl Camp: security source

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, a high-ranking official said they received intelligence information detailing that the Islamic State (ISIS) is planning for a full-scale control over Hawl Camp in the east of Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Two days ago, clashes could be heard in the first sector of Hawl Camp where thousands of ISIS family members and IDPs shelter, eyewitnesses told North Press.

Since the prison break in Hasakah, the source said they have received information of a likely widespread attack by ISIS on Hawl Camp.

“Last Monday, a group of ISIS cells were planning for a full-scale attack in the camp, and it is possible that this group is the first one to plan for such attacks,” the source said.

“We noticed a crowd of people in the first sector and when the security forces headed to the scene to question about reason of the gathering, ISIS cells started shooting,” the sources said.

Two members of ISIS cell were killed and others were injured. The rest of them were arrested.  

On the other hand, two members of the Asayish as well as four Iraqi refugees (a man, a child, and two women) were also injured.  

Their health condition is stable, the source said.

Some of ISIS members wore suicide vests, the source added. 

The Hawl Camp is a house for about 15,300 families in total of 56,000 individuals including 2,423 families of ISIS detained or killed militants, who hail from over than 60 countries. 

Reporting by Hoshang Hassan