Washington to lift sanctions on NE Syria, US sources to North Press

WASHINGTON D.C, USA (North Press) – Washington intends to lift the imposed sanctions within the framework of Caesar Act on areas in Syria’s northeast and northwest, American sources told North Press on Friday.

This step is taken in order to exclude areas not under the control of Syrian government from Caesar Act that is imposed on Syria.

“Caesar Act will continue to target areas held by al-Assad where the Act bans foreign entities from dealing with al-Assad or involving in construction or reconstruction in those parts of the Syrian territory,” the sources said.

Under the upcoming exemption of the Caesar Act, areas held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria and those held by the Turkish-backed armed factions in northwest Syria will be able to benefit from business dealings with foreign entities and countries.

“The sanctions that were issued in 2019 aim to deprive al-Assad of benefiting from resources that enable him to prolong the Syrian conflict, so that the US diplomacy sees it is necessary to liberate areas that did not get involved with al-Assad from these sanctions,” the sources told North Press.

“The sanctions will be lifted in all finance dealings in areas not held by al-Assad power enabling the foreign entities from operating in the region, but the Syrian oil including that in northeast Syria will continue to be subjected to the sanctions,” the sources noted.

Reporting by Hadeel Oueiss