Russia invades Ukraine amid western condemnation 

ERBIL, KRG, Iraq (North Press) – On Thursday, Russia announced the start of its military action against Ukraine, a step the western countries have always warned against.

The eastern borders of Ukraine are under severe artillery shelling and the Russian forces are in control of some points. 

The Russian forces declared it destroyed Ukrainian anti-aircrafts defense systems and made Ukrainian air base “out of service”.   

The Ukrainian border guards stated Ukraine is under an artillery attack on the border strip with Belarus and Russia, adding Ukraine forces dropped six Russian aircrafts.  

The Ukrainian border guards said Belarus forces are supporting the Russian forces in the attack against Ukraine.  

Ukraine is also being attacked from the direction of the Russian-controlled Crimean peninsula.  

Ukraine’s Schastia town is now held by the pro-Russian separatists who added that they have controlled several points in the east of Ukraine.  

On Thursday morning, sirens of war were released in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital amid exodus.

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy called his people to remain calm and not panic because of the Russian attack, introducing a martial law across the country.

Russia launched strikes against the infrastructure and the border guards, Zelenskyy added.  

The Ukrainian PMs signed the presidential decree concerning the martial law.

The United States president Joe Biden said the US and its allies will impose harsh sanctions against Russia and that they will keep providing support to Ukraine and its people.  

The United Kingdom Prime Minster Boris Johnson asserted Russia’s Putin chose “bloodshed” in Ukraine, adding the west will not stand still at a time Putin is launching a military action against the Ukrainian people.  

The French president Immanuel Macron condemned the Russian attack against Ukraine calling immediate cease of hostilities.  

The NATO member states started consultation to coordinate the response against the Russian aggression against Ukraine.  

The Spanish president condemned the Russian aggression and is currently consulting the NATO member states for coordination.   

The president of Japan also condemned the Russian movements against Ukraine.  

On the other hand, China stated that the Russian forces in Ukraine are not “invasion” as claimed by the west.  

Reporting by Hozan Zubeir