ISIS women engage in riot in Syria’s Hawl Camp

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – A security source revealed to North Press on Wednesday details of the recent riot by wives of the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) members in Hawl Camp east of Hasakah, northeast Syria.

On Monday, Hawl Camp witnessed shooting incidents and raising smoke column, according to eyewitnesses of the vicinity of the camp.

A security source said a number of ISIS wives set six tents on fire in the camp in the foreigners sector in order to grasp the attention of the security forces.  

The foreigners sector in the camp houses women of ISIS of foreign nationalities who believe themselves to be responsible for spread the ISIS ideology as they resort to violence in implementing their decisions.

A video footage that North Press obtained shows a tent that was turned to ashes after being set on fire in addition to women and children gathering around the scene.

After the security forces intervened, the women managed to cordon off the members and captured one of the guards, according to the source.

Under the women instructions, their children threw the security forces with stones.

The Hawl Camp is a house for about 15,650 families in total of 57,516 individuals including 2,423 families of the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) detained or killed militants, who hail from over than 60 countries.

“A large number of the security forces intervened to settle the issue while the women attacked them with knifes and sharp tools forcing the forces to fire into the air aiming at intimidation and settle the condition, according to the source who revealed the details under condition of anonymity.

During the shooting, a child was killed and a woman and two children were wounded, the source noted.

Meanwhile, two members of the security forces were slightly wounded.

The wounded of families of the ISIS extremists were transferred to a hospital and their conditions are good, the source told North Press.

The source described the incident saying, “It is a riot by wives of the ISIS members,” which date related with the incidents of al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah and the killing of the ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi.

In January, ISIS sleeper cells launched an attack against al-Sina’a prison, where thousands of foreign ISIS members were stranded, in an attempt to escape their fellow inmates from the prison.

Clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS lasted for ten days and coincided with combing operations in search of ISIS members.

On January 3, US president Joe Biden announced the killing of the ISIS leader in a military operation in Syria’s northwest.

Reporting by Hoshang Hassan