Iraq commends bravery of parties thwarted ISIS attack in Syria’s Hasakah

ERBIL, KRG, Iraq (North Press) –  On Friday, the Joint Operation Command in Iraq commended the bravery and role of the parties that managed to thwart the attack carried out by the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) on al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah city, northeast Syria.

This came in a statement by the Iraqi Security Media Cell in which it mentioned the toll of the ISIS attack on the prison and the measures Iraqi party took to secure their border security.

The anti-terrorism apparatus in Iraq conducted a major inspection campaign in prisons in several governorates, as security of the border with Syria has also been fully enhanced in cooperation and coordination with the advisors of the US-led Global Coalition, according to the statement.

Iraqi Security Media Cell noted the Joint Operation Command followed up on the developments of the jailbreak attempt by ISIS sleeper cells to break their fellow inmates out of the prison in Hasakah.

The jailbreak attempt the Hasakah city witnessed in January was launched to escape about 4,400 ISIS inmates detained in the prison where those who planned for and implemented the attack were killed or arrested, according to the statement.

About 3,900 inmates are now being held safely in a new prison and more than 350 who bore weapons in the failure attack were killed during the waged battles, the statement read.

Reporting by Hozan Zubeir