Far NE Syria countryside bombed by Turkey, civilians injured

DERIK, Syria (North Press) – Villages in the countryside of Derik, far northeast Syria, were bombed with heavy weapons by Turkish forces on Wednesday.

The Turkish bombardment targeted the villages of Basta Sos and Gire Fara in Derik.

Two residents of Ain Diwar village, Omar Amro, 70, and another young man in his thirties were injured in the Turkish shelling.

The bombardment also resulted in the destruction of two houses, and the outbreak of fire in five houses. The shelling also caused a mass displacement of the residents of the village.

The Turkish forces also bombed the village of Basta Sos with two shells, but the shells did not explode.

The bombardment targeted the village of Gire Fara, and it only caused material damage.  

Last night, Turkey bombed the fourth power station near the village of Teql Beql, and four workers were injured thus.

Reporting by Dalal Ali