Lifting government subsidy arouses notable public resentment in Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – The Syrian government ruled out, yesterday, subsidy offered to thousands of families who benefited from the ration card “aiming at providing the subsidy to more vulnerable people,” according to a government official. 

The decision ruled out about 596,628 families, who used to benefit from the ration card, around 15% of the families that were granted the government subsidy.

The government subsidy will not be granted to those who make higher incomes and have the ability to support themselves according to norms including property and wealth on the one hand, and income on the other, Assistant Minister of Communications for Digital Transformation, Eng. Fadia Suleiman, said in a statement to a local pro-government radio.  

The subsidy will be granted o the most vulnerable groups aiming at rectify the support and granting it to those who deserve it.

On January 10, Minister of the Interior and Consumer Protection revealed the groups that will be ruled out of the government subsidy since those people can buy basics at the market price.

Meanwhile, the decision to lift the government subsidy aroused public resentment throughout the government-held areas in light of the deteriorating livelihood conditions the country is going through in addition to the government inability to make people’s ends meet, according to residents.

Reporting by Muhammad Khalil