Military leader denies riots in another ISIS jail in Syria’s Hasakah

SHADADI, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, an official in charge of a prison holding Islamic State (ISIS) detainees in the countryside of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, denied altogether news of riots inside the prison or rumors claiming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has targeted the vicinity of al-Sad Camp.     

Sayel al-Zaoba’, an official in the Shadadi Military Council, affiliated with the SDF, said their forces intensified protection procedures on the ISIS jail and deployed several checkpoints on the road leading to Hasakah city on the wake of the attack by ISIS cell members on al-Sina’a prison. 

The forces imposed a tight security cordon around the al-Kum prison, he added.   

The SDF deployed military convoys on all the routs specially the rout links Shaddadi to Hasakah in anticipation of insurgence of ISIS cell in the region.  

Al-Zaoba’ denied rumors about any riots or disobedience inside the al-Kum prison and said the news circulated by ISIS outlets of targeting al-Sad Camp is baseless. 

On Sunday, the US forces stationed around the al-Kum prison and brought six armored vehicles.  

In general, the forces intensified security on checkpoints situated at the entrance, and inside, of the city simultaneously with drones of the US-led Global Coalition hovering in the skies of the city.

In Hasakah city, sporadic clashes and ongoing up this moment in the vicinity of al-Sina’a prison and on the outskirts of al-Zohour neighborhoods.  

Reporting by Bassem Shuweikh