SDF calls journalists commit to media coverage safety standards

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) called journalists and correspondents who are in the frontlines on the jailbreak in al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah city, northeastern Syria, to commit to criteria of personal safety to be able to fulfill their missions.  

The SDF, through its official website, said journalists should commit to wear bullet proof vests and armor helmets specially that there are many ISIS militants snipers. 

The SDF warned correspondents and journalists that it will take other measures in case safety criteria were not applied.  

Yesterday, Ahmad Naser, a reporter of the Self Defense Forces (compulsory service army of the Autonomous Administration) lost his life while covering the developments of ISIS attacks on al-Sina’a prison.

On January 21, Jindar Abdulqader, North Press correspondents was injured in the shoulders while on duty.

Again on the same day, Basel Rashid, Hawar News Agency (ANHA) correspondents, was injured with two bullets one in the abdomen and another in the chest.  

Additionally on the same day, Fayez al-Amleh, reporter of the Syriac Military Council was also wounded while covering the news of al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah. 

Since January 20, sporadic clashes have been going on in the vicinity of al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah city between the SDF and the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish), supported by the Global Coalition, on the one hand and ISIS sleeper cells on the other.  

35 ISIS militants were killed and 17 SDF and Asayish forces have lost their lives up to now, according to the SDF statement. 

Reporting by Zana al-Ali