Sound bomb heard in Syria’s Qamishli, no casualties, security source

QAMSIHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday a security source told North Press that the explosion heard in Qamishli city, northeastern Syria, this evening was due to a sound bomb explosion in one of the city’s streets. 

Two persons riding a motorcycle dropped a sound bomb near al-Kalij roundabout in the city, the source added.

The goal to strike security and stability in the city specially that it coincides with jailbreak events in Hasakah city, the source noted. 

Since January 20, sporadic clashes has been taking place between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Islamic State (ISIS) on the wake of ISIS attacks on Hasakah-based al-Sina’a prison to break out fellow ISIS inmates out of the prison. 

The sound bomb caused no casualties or material damage in the scene, the source confirmed. 

The security forces soon began an investigation to know the circumstances of the incident and identify the party behind it, according to the source.   

Reporting by Hoshang Hassan