SDF cordons off prison in Syria’s south of Hasakah

SHADDADI, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) brought in large reinforcements to Shaddadi town, south of Hasakah, and cordoned off  the prison of al-Kom where thousands of Islamic State Organization (ISIS) militants are detained.

This comes in tandem with the ISIS attack on al-Sina’a Prison in Guweiran neighborhood in Hasakah, northeast Syria.

“Our forces brought in large reinforcements and cordoned off the prison of Shaddadi,” North Press reported a security source of SDF.

These preventive reinforcements came to counter any attacks that may ISIS carry out on Shaddadi prison, the source added.

SDF forces blocked the route links between Shaddadi town and the gas plant, “because this road passes near the prison, for fear of VBIEDs,” according to the source.

Since Friday, the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish) have imposed a curfew in Shaddadi, in anticipation of ISIS sleeper cells carrying out an attack on the prison.

The situation is stable inside the prison, “but we have a duty to tighten the guard in case any emergency occurs,” the source added.

Since Thursday, the SDF have imposed a security cordon in the vicinity of al-Sina’a prison due to ISIS attack on the prison. The attack coincided with three explosions near the prison.

sporadic clashes are taking place in the vicinity of al-Sina’a Prison and on the outskirts of al-Zohour neighborhood, south of Hasakah.

Reporting by Bassem Shweikh