A government soldier killed in Syria’s Daraa

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – A commander of a military unit in the Fourth Armored Division affiliated with the Syrian government forces was killed last night in Syria’s southern city of Daraa. 

“Muhammad Bassam Terki al-Masalmeh, 21, nicknamed Abu Terki, was killed when an IED detonated in his vehicle in al-Matar neighborhood in the center of Daraa,” a local source told North Press.  

Abu Terki was dispatched to the National Hospital in Daraa but died of his wounds later.  

Abu Terki joined the Syrian armed opposition factions during the time they controlled areas in the south of Syria. In 2018, Abu Terki settled his status under the first Russian-brokered settlement agreement. 

Last week, up to dozens of persons were killed in different circumstances in Daraa, the majority of them were in the northern and western countryside of Daraa, sources told North Press. 

Two days ago, another member of the of the Military Security Branch of the government forces was shot dead by anonymous gunmen in the east of Daraa city.

Also, last night, one resident form Jassem town, northern countryside of Daraa, was shot dead by unknown gunmen. Local sources said the reason behind the killing was related to dealing with narcotic drugs.

Reporting by Ihsan Muhammad