Afrin issue should be reconsidered

ALEPPO NORTHERN COUNTRYSIDE, Syria (North Press) – “The Afrin issue affects all Syrians and it is not an issue of a specific land or community,” the Executive Council of Afrin region said in a statement on Saturday in their camps in Aleppo northern countryside, north Syria.

The issue of the occupation of Afrin should be considered a Syrian issue that concern all Syrians, the council added in a statement on the occasion of approaching the fourth anniversary of the start of the Turkish offensive of Afrin.

The Council expressed its disappointment with the absence of a solution looming on the horizon for the Syrian crisis by the parties to the conflict and the actors in the Syrian crisis despite the killing of thousands and the displacement of millions of Syrians.

The statement pointed out that the actors and parties involved in the Syrian crisis not only ignored the project of the communities of northeast, but they also tried to distort the democratic project in the region.

“Although all international parties are aware of the falseness of the Turkish allegations about the threat to Turkish national security, they have remained silent and have given the green light to Turkey,” the statement indicated.

Reporting by Nariman Hesso