IED explosion kills two Syrian opposition members in Syria’s Afrin

ALEPPO NORTHERN COUNTRYSIDE, Syria (North Press) On Saturday, two members of the Syrian Front for Liberation, a Syrian opposition faction operating within the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), were killed in an IED explosion in Jindires district of Afrin region, northern Syria.

Two members of al-Mu’tasem faction, affiliated with the Syrian Front for Liberation, died when an IED detonated in a headquarter in al-Zaytoun street, Jindires, a special source told to North Press. 

Huge material damages were reported.

Members of the factions and the Military Police deployed heavily in the area and bodies of the dead were pulled out, the source added.

On September 9, several factions, including al-Mu’tasem, the Sultan Suleiman Shah Division, the Division 20, the Northern Hawks Brigade and Sultan Murad declared integration within the Syrian Front for Liberation.   

Insecurity prevails in areas controlled by Turkish-backed Syrian opposition factions. Explosions, abductions and arrests repeatedly take place amid failure of the factions to police the areas. 

The city of Afrin and its villages, north of Aleppo, have been controlled by Turkish forces and the affiliated factions since March 2018. 

Since then, the region has been witnessing ongoing security chaos accompanied by infighting among militants of the Turkish-backed factions, arrests, and kidnappings amid the factions’ disability to settle the security and spread safety. 

Reporting by Farouq Hamo