ISIS cells kill Kurdish Red Crescent nurse in Syria’s Hawl Camp

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – A nurse in the Kurdish Red Crescent was killed on Tuesday by unknown persons believed to be affiliated with the sleeper cells of the Islamic Stat Organization (ISIS) in Hawl Camp, east of Hasakah, northeast Syria.

“A 26-year old nurse, Bassem Muhammad Muhammad, from al-Salihiya neighborhood in Hasakah city, and worked at the Kurdish Red Crescent, was killed by ISIS sleeper cells in Hawl Camp,” North Press reported a source in the Kurdish Red Crescent.

“An ISIS cell entered the medical point by impersonating personalities, but they were identified, so they deadly shot the nurse,” the source added.

“The medical staff has been evacuated from of the Kurdish Crescent points in the camp until further notice,” according to the source.

According to unofficial statistics, more than 90 people, including women and children, displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees were killed during the past year.

The Camp houses about 15,650 families in total of 57,516 individuals including 8,049 Iraqi families and 5,153 Syrian ones.

Additionally, it includes about 2,448 families with an estimate of 8,245 individuals including women and children of detained and dead of foreign ISIS militants.  

It is also known as a “ticking time bomb” due to the presence of extremists of ISIS wives and children, and tens of thousands of their supporters in a camp sometimes described as “the most dangerous camp in the world”.  

Reporting by Muhammad al-Qadi