Crossing between Kurdistan Region-Autonomous Admiration areas closed

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Thursday morning, the management of the Faysh Khabur border crossing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq suspended the movement of transit and trade with the Autonomous Administration areas in northeast Syria.

The suspension came following a stone throwing incident between protesters and the security forces on the bridge linking the two sides yesterday. 

During the previous years, the crossing on the Tigris River was closed several times, the last of which was on June 21, by the Autonomous Administration in protest against measures by Faysh Khabur management which it described as “prohibitive”, to be reopened on a week later.

However, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANEs) has not yet commented on the news about the suspension of the transit movement at crossing.

The Semalka crossing is one of the most important crossings with northeastern Syria, as it is used for trades and the transport of patients to the KRG for treatment, as well as civil visits between the two sides.

In light of the ongoing closure of al-Ya’rubiyah (Tel Kocher) crossing following a Russian-Chinese veto, the AANES-held areas mainly rely on trading through Semalka crossing with KRG. 

Reporting by Muhammad al-Qadi