Death toll of ISIS attacks on north Iraq’s Erbil reached 13

ERBIL, KRG, Iraq (North Press) – The death toll of an attack carried out by the Islamic State organization (ISIS) on Makhmour district, south of the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG), Erbil, on Friday, rose to 13 civilian and military deaths.

The governor of Erbil, Omed Khushnaw said in a press statement that the attacks that targeted yesterday evening the village of Khedr Jija in the Qarachokh plain in Makhmour district killed 13 people.

Other civilians and members of the Peshmerga were wounded in the attack and were transferred to Erbil hospitals.

Local media outlets said that a number of the wounded are in the ICU.

Yesterday evening, the village of Khedr Jija was attacked by ISIS members, which led to the killing and wounding of civilians and two members of the Peshmerga.

Peshmerga forces intervened to support the residents of the village in repelling the attack, and when one of the Peshmerga vehicles transporting the wounded, it had an accident, which resulted in the death of a member and the injury of another.

One of the Peshmerga vehicles fell into an ambush, killing seven members, when they began a search operation and pursued ISIS militants, according to a statement by the Ministry of Peshmerga.

Reporting by Hozan Zubeir