Distributing wheat seeds to farmers resumed in a center in NE Syria

DERIK, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, the Agricultural Society Development Company resumed distributing wheat seeds in Tel Alo center in the city of Derik (al-Malikiyah) in the far northeast Syria.

“After a month-stop due to stock running out, they restarted distributing the seeds in Tel Alo center,” Shivan Delli, co-chair of the Agricultural Society Development Company in Derik said.

“They are going to sift 1,200 tons and sterilize them for distribution to the farmers,” Delli added.

Delli expected that this amount would cover the needs of farmers in the region, as they previously distributed 7,500 tons of wheat seeds and 1,000 tons of barley, in addition that some farmers bought seeds from outside the company.  

Farmers from the areas of Derik, Girke Lege (al-Maabadah), Tel Kocher (al-Ya’rubiyah) and Cil Agha (al-Jawadiyah) can receive the seeds from Tel Alo center, according to Delli, and each day is allocated to a region.

The seeds are distributed in both types, soft and hard, at a price of 1,200 Syrian pounds per kilo. About 260 tons have been distributed so far.

Reporting by Solnar Muhammad