Government’s Fourth Division leaves Syria’s Daraa as stipulated by settlement process

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – The Fourth Armored Division affiliated with the Syrian government forces withdrew its last members from Syria’s south governorate of Daraa yesterday. 

The Fourth Division is led by Major General Maher al-Assad, Bashar al-Assad’s brother.

The withdrawal came to implement a Russian-brokered settlement agreement in early September.

The agreement stipulated a ceasefire following a 78-day siege imposed by government forces and Iranian-backed militias on the area. 

“The settlement agreement was according to an international deal and one of its items stipulated to oust the Fourth Division from Daraa because it is loyal to Iran,” Ibrahim al-Jabawi, a member of the Syrian Negotiation Body and a dissident officer stated to North Press.

“Russia is committed to fulfill all items of the agreement,” al-Jabawi added.

Iranian-backed Division retreated the last members from the Irrigation foundation and Conserves plants buildings it had taken as posts in the outskirts of Mezayrib town, Daraa’s western countryside.

The posts emptied are likely to contain officers affiliated with the government military intelligence branch.

Only few members of the Division are left in the outskirts of Daraa al-Mahatta, which include some residential buildings overlooking Daraa city, according to eyewitnesses.  

The Division had taken the outskirts as military points and offices to their leaders like the Colonel Ghzyath Dalla, leader of al-Ghayth Forces affiliated with the Fourth Division.

In mid-November, the Fourth Division evacuated its main military posts in the National Stadium in the city center and outskirts. 

Reporting by Ihsan Muhammad