Russian air forces exercise with Syrian government forces in Syria’s Hasakah

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, Russian Air Force conducted exercises with the Syrian government forces to destroy ground targets, in Hasakah, northeast Syria.

“12 Mi-8 helicopters and five Ka-52 helicopters will be deployed at Mitras Airport near the town of Sirrin, south of Kobani,” the Russian ANNA Agency said.

Mitras Airport was used by US forces, present in Kobani, before withdrawing from the area two years ago.

“12 Su-34 bombers and five Su-35 multipurpose bombers will be redeployed at Qamishli International Airport and conduct training strikes in the region,” the agency added.

“The Syrian air defense forces will participate in the exercises, in order to focus on combating offensive drones,” according to the agency.

All actions will be coordinated with the Kurdish formations, according to information received from an informed source in the Russian Defense Ministry.