First batch of students graduate from north Syria’s Kobani University

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – Four years after its opening, the first batch of students graduated from Kobani University, affiliated with the Autonomous Administration, on Thursday.

The university was opened on September 30, 2017, where two faculties were opened, namely, the Faculty of Basic Sciences (physics, chemistry and mathematics) and the Faculty of Arts (Department of Kurdish Language and Literature).

“The graduation of the first batch of university students is considered a unique event for the residents of the region who were deprived of education in their own language,” Shervan Muslim, a member of the university’s administrative body, told North Press.

Muslim added that 32 students from four departments, namely “Kurdish literature, physics, chemistry, and the laboratory institute” graduated today, and job opportunities have been secured for all of them within the institutions of the Autonomous Administration.

The official at the university pointed out that the four departments were “the core of launching the academic study at the university, which opened seven other departments during the current academic year.

The number of students at Kobani University during the last academic year reached 260, while the number of students during the current academic year has reached 640 who are studying in eleven departments, according to Muslim.

In early April, the Autonomous Administration announced the opening of the based-Raqqa al-Sharq University, which is the fourth university opened by the Autonomous Administration after Afrin University, Rojava University, and Kobani University.

The Turkish forces and the affiliated armed factions closed Afrin University, after they invaded the city in March 2018.

Reporting by Fattah Issa