Iran agrees with Russia, disagrees with Turkey on Syria: Sobhani

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Iran disagrees with Turkish policy over Syria especially concerning the unlawful presence on Syrian territory, Mehdi Sobhani, Iran’s ambassador to Syria said on Sunday.

In an interview with the pro-Syrian government newspaper al-Watan, Sobhani added that Iran has one joint purpose with Russia in Syria; the agenda is counter-terrorism operations and their international allies.

“Iran and Russia helped Syria on the basis of the joint agenda which is still there. The battle did not end. Russia and Iran still live the atmosphere of the economic war,” al-Watan quoted Sobhani.

In regard to the American presence in the region, Sobhani said “if the US soldiers withdraw from Iraq, which is a must, they can no longer send logistic support to their forces in Syria.”   

Sobhani voiced his desire that all sings indicate the US will completely leave the region and no US soldier will remain.

The US soldiers did not plan the withdrawal from Afghanistan the way they did, but the circumstances imposed so, he noted.

Iran condemns the occupation of Syrian lands by any other state. “Every foreign state has entered, lawfully or unlawfully, Syria, must leave,” he claimed.   

On the other context, Iran’s ambassador pointed out that Syrian-Iranian economic and commercial relations are top priority. 

However, the Caesar Act against Syria caused troubles and the current foreign exchange currency doubled the trouble even more and hinder the economic relations between the two countries.