Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade hikes fuel prices to 1,700 SYP

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection mandated to raise the price of one liter of industrial fuel oil to 1,700 SYP in government-controlled areas. A price designated for private sector industries, trade and services.  

The decision includes five key items that must be followed even by the farmers and any breach to the decision exposes liability.  

“All of the private sector commercial, agricultural and industrial parties, even poultry farmers complained about buying diesel from the black market with 4,000 SYP per liter,” Amro Salem, Minister of Internal Trade tweeted.

“The government decision came after several meetings with those parties and government efforts to secure plenty amounts of fuel oil, as the ministry decided to raise the price of one liter of industrial fuel oil to 1,700 SYP,” Salem said.

“All of the aforementioned parties were notified they need to cut to low prices their products as the cost fell down. Consumer Protection authorities will monitor the decrease of every local product’s price in which fuel is used in.”

The new price definitely costs less the real price for the government, according to Salem.

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