Al-Tanf US military base in Syria’s southeast hit by drones attack

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, drones targeted US military base al-Tanf, which is used by the Us-led Global Coalition, in the southeastern part of Syria near the borders with Jordan and Iraq.

The drones bombed a food warehouse, a cafeteria, and a mosque inside the military base, pro-government outlets reported.  

Al-Tanf military base, south Syria, is located near the borders with Iraq and Jordan and it was established by the US-led Global Coalition in the context of its war against  the Islamic State Organization (ISIS). 

Not so far from the base, which is located on a highway that runs from Damascus to Baghdad, Iranian-backed militias and factions are stationed.  

French press cited a US official as confirming that “The US was not aware of any killed or injured Americans as a result of the attack,”

US soldiers in Syria were targeted on Wednesday in a “deliberate and coordinated attack” that appears to have used both unmanned aircraft and indirect fire, US Department of Defense said.

The US soldiers imposed a no-fly zone over the base and its surrounding in light of reported alert among the US-led Global Coalition troops, according to agencies.

Spokesman for Central Command, Bill Urban, said in a statement that no injuries were reported among the US soldiers while they are communicating with the partners to know whether they have injuries or not.  

“We maintain the inherent right of self-defense and will respond at a time and place of our choosing,” Capt. Bill Urban added.

Iraqi security sources said that the attack involved five booby-trapped drones and was carried out from inside Syria, according to abc News TV Channel. 

The sources stressed that “the US-led Global Coalition had previously known about the attack.”