Catalan parliament recognizes AANES as a political entity

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – In a first of its kind and with the approval of 80 out of 129 parliamentarians, the Catalan parliament recognized the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as a political entity on Wednesday.

In late June, a Catalan delegation visited northeast Syria, where the member of the Catalan Parliament, Iulia Reghovat, said that she will propose to her parliament to develop relations with the Autonomous Administration in preparation to recognize it.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Catalan parliament held a voting session on the draft resolution “recognizing the Autonomous Administration”, presented by parties in the Parliament.

“It is the feminist revolution that fights patriarchy and puts women’s in the center,” Susana Segovia Sanchez, a member of parliament, said during the voting session, referring to the Autonomous Administration.

“The Kurds say they their only friends are the mountains. From today on, the Catalan people will also be their friends,” said parliamentarian, Eulàlia Reguant.

The draft resolution stated that the Catalan parliament recognizes the Autonomous Administration. Furthermore, the parliament called on the Catalan institutions to establish institutional relations with the Autonomous Administration.

In the same session, 111 parliamentarians agreed to establish economic relations with the Autonomous Administration.

The co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration, Abdulkarim Omar said, “Catalonia’s attitude has given us a great motivation to continue the values we believe in and adopt. We believe that these values can build a democratic and decentralized Syria.”

Reporting by Hoshang Hassan

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