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Two Turkish soldiers killed, five wounded in Syria’s Idlib

IDLIB, Syria (North Press) – On Friday evening, several Turkish soldiers were killed and wounded, in an explosion targeting a military convoy of the Turkish forces on the road between Idlib city and Bab al-Hawa crossing, north of Idlib, northwest Syria.

A landmine exploded while a military convoy of the Turkish forces was passing on the road between Idlib city and Bab al-Hawa crossing near the town of Kafriya, northeast of Idlib city, local sources told North Press.

The sources added that the explosion resulted in the killing of two soldiers and the injury of five others, in addition to the damaging of several armored vehicles. 

They pointed out that the Turkish forces deployed intensively in the area after the explosion, and brought in military reinforcements from its affiliated points in the area.

No party has claimed responsibility for the targeting so far. 

Turkish patrols in Idlib are repeatedly targeted by unknown groups, which have left dead and wounded among Turkish soldiers. 

On September 11, three Turkish soldiers were killed and three others were wounded, when an IED exploded on the road between Idlib-Bennish near the town of Kafriya in the northern Idlib countryside.

The Ansar Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Squadron claimed responsibility for most of these attacks.

Although the de-escalation zone in northwest Syria is subject to a Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement signed in March 2020, the area witnesses frequent mutual bombardment despite the entry of the ceasefire into force.

Reporting by Bara’ al-Shami/Samir Awad

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