New Russian airstrikes on Syria’s Afrin

ALEPPO, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, Russian warplanes bombed the Basila area in Sherawa district, north of Aleppo.

An exclusive source told North Press that Russian warplanes bombed the Basila area, southeast of Afrin, north of Aleppo, with vacuum missiles.

The source added that the warplanes carried out two raids last night in the vicinity of Basila village, no information about the extent of the damage.

The bombing coincided with a flight of Russian reconnaissance planes in the area, according to the source.

On Saturday, in three raids, Russian warplanes bombed the Basoufan area of ​​the Sherawa district of Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo, during which they targeted the headquarters of the Turkish-backed Jabhat al-Shamiya (Levant Front) the Horsh area of ​​Jalabra village in Sherawa district, north of Aleppo.

Turkish forces and Turkish-backed armed Syrian factions have been running the city of Afrin and its villages in northwest Syria since March 2018.

Reporting by Faroq Hamo