US House of Representatives rejects proposal to end US presence in Syria

WASHINGTON, USA (North Press) – On Friday, the US House of Representatives rejected an amendment proposed by the Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman aiming at ending the presence of US forces in Syria, a year after the legislation was activated.

The activation of the amendment required the approval of the majority of the Congress members, but 286 members of the House of Representatives voted to reject it and 141 supported it.

Meanwhile, 187 Republicans and 99 Democrats voted to reject the Bowman’s amendment to remove US forces from Syria.

The amendment also included a proposal to prevent the allocation of a special budget for the US forces’ presence in Syria in preparation for their final withdrawal after a period of six months to a year.

On September 23, the US Department of Defense allocated a budget of $177 million approved by Congress for training and arming efforts against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and $345 million for training and arming efforts against ISIS in Iraq.

Yesterday, on Thursday, the US House of Representatives adopted a bill presented by the Representative Ro Khanna, to end US logistical support provided to Saudi Arabia in its attacks against the Houthis in Yemen, in addition to preventing US intelligence services from providing any information related to Yemen, to Saudi forces.

The vote on the bill to stop logistical support comes one day after the Joe Biden administration approved the first major arms deal to Saudi Arabia during the era of President Joe Biden.

Reporting by Hadeel Oueiss