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Turkish-backed gunmen abduct girl, mother in Syria’s Tel Abyad

AIN ISSA, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, Turkish-backed armed Syrian militants kidnapped a girl and a woman along with her two children from the town of al-Ali Bajliyah, affiliated with Tel Abyad, north of Raqqa, north Syria.

“A checkpoint of pro-Turkish factions kidnapped a girl and a woman with her two children from the town of al-Ali Bajliyah while they were passing through it,” a source from the town said.

“The militants present at the Umm al-Khartaim checkpoint of the pro-Turkish Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction near the town kidnapped 17-year-old Kawthar al-Abed and 35-year-old Fatima Mustafa with her two children while they were passing through the checkpoint,” the source added.

“The abductees are from al-Mashhour and al-Busaaf clans in al-Ali Bajliyah town.”

Since 2019, Turkish forces and pro-Turkish armed Syrian factions have controlled the city of Tel Abyad and parts of its countryside.

Areas controlled by Turkish-backed factions and supervised by Turkish security and military authorities are witnessing widespread violations and attempts of Turkification, according to local and international reports.

The source stated that the families of the abductees do not know about their fate or their place of detention.

On September 2, the military police of the Turkish-backed armed factions arrested five notables of the al-Busaaf clan in the countryside of Tel Abyad, after two conflicting statements issued by the clan about their loyalty to the Turkish forces and the pro-Turkish factions.

Reporting by Gulistan Muhammad

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