Despite agreement, Syrian security forces arrest people in Daraa

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – Sinceyesterday on Sunday, the Syrian government forces have launched an arrest campaign in three towns in Daraa, south Syria. 

“The security members of the government forces arrested about 15 people in the towns of Sheikh Meskin in the central countryside of Daraa,” a relative of one of the detainees said.

“Most of the detainees are brothers or relatives,” he added.

“The security members arrested three young men after storming a number of houses,” a local source from the town of al-Hara in the northern countryside of Daraa said.

Some sources said that among the detainees were settlement card holders under an agreement signed under the auspices of Russia in the summer of 2018.

Yesterday, on Sunday, five people from the town of Da’el in the central countryside of Daraa were arrested, according to some residents. 

Earlier today, the Central Committee in Daraa and the government security committee, accompanied by the Russian guarantor, started to implement the terms of the agreement that was reached yesterday evening, which includes handing over light and medium weapons.

Reporting by Ihsan Muhammad