Movement between Syria, Jordan returns to normal

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – Crossing movement between Syrian and Jordan returned to normal after cessation due to the security events in Daraa city, south Syria, informed sources told North Press on Wednesday.

“The gate to the Jaber [Nasib] border crossing was recently closed. However, it was opened today and the trucks entered from Nasib village in Syria towards Jaber border crossing in Jordan, and the movement returned to normal,” a driver who recently crossed the border told North Press.

On Saturday, the Jordanian Ministry of Interior announced that the Jordanian Jaber crossing with Syria would be temporarily closed, days after it was completely opened.

“The closing was for security reasons. However, the cars entered today from Nasib border crossing to Jaber border crossing,” a member of the Syrian Shipping Association told North Press.

“The main problem lies in the contradictions of the decisions circulated by the Ministry of Economy to the economic directorates in the governorates. While the certificates of origin for export goods are authenticated by the Daraa Economy Directorate, the Damascus and Rif-Dimashq directorates refrain from ratification,” he added.

“This contradiction distracts the employees working in this field. In addition, those who prepare their papers are surprised when they fail to obtain approval from the directorates of Damascus and Rif-Dimashq, unlike Daraa’s,” he referred.

“Despite reaching an agreement with the Syrian Ministry of Transport, nothing has changed,” he pointed out.

On Tuesday, the Jordanian alGhad newspaper published that hundreds of Jordanians who entered Syria before the closure of the Jaber crossing, were stranded on the road. 

Al-Ghad quoted the major General of the Ramtha Abdul Salam Thiabat saying that more than 100 cargo trucks, according to the “Back-to-Back” system, have stopped on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Reporting by Rita Ali