Government bans Kurds in regime-held areas to pressure AANES: Syrian politician

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – Procedures implemented against Kurdish citizens at the crossings with the Syrian government are attempts by the latter to pressure the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and destabilize the area, member of the Relations Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Ali Rahmoun said.

The crossings of al-Tayha in Manbij, Tabqa, and Abu Asi in Raqqa link Syrian government-held areas with those of the AANES.

With Russian support, the Syrian government “is going ahead and implementing these procedures after realizing that the AANES is a democratic alternative that can replace it and can be implemented across Syria,” Rahmoun told North Press.

He pointed out that there is a Russian-Turkish-Iranian alliance with the Syrian government “in order to tighten the screws on the AANES and put an end to it.”   

Since June 24, government checkpoints have been preventing the Kurdish travelers from passing into the government-held areas, according to passengers who were stopped at these checkpoints.  

Since March 21, the Syrian government has restricted civilian movement and trade through crossings that link their areas of control with those of the AANES, allowing only humanitarian cases, students, and government employees.

Rahmoun indicated that “it is necessary to internally strengthen Syria’s northeast and achieve the continuation of the AANES’ experience.”

Reporting by Ammar Abdullatif