First football league for women held in Syria’s Kobani

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – The Youth and Sports Board in the Euphrates region, is preparing to hold the first local women’s football league in the city of Kobani, north Syria.

The Education Committee’s women’s football team is the first women’s team to have been formed more than five years ago, to currently become seven teams.

“For the first time in the Euphrates region a women’s football league is organized with the participation of seven teams,” said Medya Muhammad, member of the Women’s Games Office of the Youth and Sports Board.   

“Now, after holding a meeting and drawing the lots, seven teams will participate in the league,” she added.  

Muhammad pointed out that three matches will be organized per week, with one of the participating teams resting.

About 90 women players from seven teams will participate in the league, according to her.

For her turn, Samar Ahmad, player of al-Ommal team said, this league will contribute in developing their skills.

“We are pleased of organizing this league so that we reach a good level in playing football,” she told North Press. 

“We have been training on football for six or seven months. We train for an hour in two days per week,” Gulshin Muhammad, player of al-Ommal team said.

“We are training to be prepared for the league that contributes in our strengthening,” she added.

Reporting by Fattah Issa