Landmine exploded in Syria’s north, man wounded

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, a mine planted beside a road south of Manbij, northern Syria, exploded, wounding a person. 

A civilian was wounded due to an IED explosion which was planted beside the road of Abu Qalqal town, 20 km south of Manbij, where he was transferred to the hospital, a local source said. 

The Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in Manbij posted on its official Facebook that their demining team managed to remove a mine which was put near the road.

The removed mine was hand-made and ready to explode by remote control, the Asayish said.

This is the third explosion of its kind in the town since its release from ISIS in 2016.

On June 10, a mine planted near al-Fath Mosque in the western part of Manbij, exploded and resulted in the killing of member of Hawari (Rapid Response) Forces and the injury of two others members in addition to the injury of two civilians. 

Reporting  by Saddam al-Hassan