Coronavirus vaccines reach camps of northeast Syria

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – Vaccine campaigns against coronavirus continue in the People’s Hospital in the city of Hasakah and the medical centers in the camps of Washo Kani, Sere Kaniye, Hawl and Arishah in the Hasakah region, and the start of non-medical civilian personnel has begun.

Muhammad Saaed Abdullah, the co-chair of the People’s Hospital in the city of Hasakah, said that ” in the People’s Hospital, 186 people from the medical staff have been vaccinated so far: 18 in Washo Kani Camp, 49 in Sere Kaniye Camp, 35 in Arishah Camp, and 39 in Hawl Camp, all of them from the medical staff. The total number of vaccination cases is 327.”

At the end of last May, the World Health Organization, in coordination with the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration, began vaccinating medical personnel in the People’s Hospital in Hasakah.

He added, “Tomorrow is the last day for the vaccination of health personnel, and it will start with civilians who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease, as well as those over 55 years old.”

“The vaccine is of great benefit, and we hope that it will increase people’s demand for it and protect themselves from possible upcoming waves of coronavirus. Elderly people have weak immunity, so we advise them to take the vaccine to combat the epidemic,” Abdullah said.

And at the end of April, the United Nations announced the arrival of a shipment of about 200,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine to Syria through the COVAX Global Initiative.

Ahmed Sino, a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent who works in a clinic in Sere Kaniye Camp and recipient of the vaccine, said, “I personally took the vaccine and contracted coronavirus before, and the only symptom I had after the vaccine was fever, only for one day, and then the body returned to normal.”

On the subject of low demand for the vaccine and fear of possible side effects, he adds, “People are afraid of this vaccine and its symptoms in the future. I tell them that the vaccine is a good thing and I wish everyone would get it, because the virus has caused many cases of stroke, pneumonia, and many deaths, and I hope that this epidemic will be eradicated after vaccination.”

On Wednesday, Jiwan Mustafa, co-chair of the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration, said that 17,500 doses of the vaccine have reached northeastern Syria, adding that another 6,000 doses will arrive in the next few days, bringing the quantity to 23,000.

The number of coronavirus cases in northeast Syria has risen to 18,166, including 741 deaths and 1,839 recoveries.

Reporting by Dilbreen Moosa

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