Turkey continues seizing Euphrates River

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – The decline of water flow during the past months has led to a decrease in water reserves in the lakes of Tishreen and Euphrates dams.

The recent drastic reduction of the waters of the two dams’ has rendered most of the turbines installed on the two dams out of service due to the lack of water. 

The governorates of Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor depend on the electrical energy from the two dams.

For months, Turkey has been declining the flow of the Euphrates River water towards the Syrian territories which led to living crises and popular discontent in the areas that depend on the river for drinking and irrigation.

The Turkish state continues to cut off the water of the Euphrates River by blocking water in several dams established along the river course within its territories, thus depriving northeastern Syria of its share of water disregarding all international agreements signed in this regard, according to Energy and Communications Office of the Jazira region.  

The Office posted on its official Facebook today that the complete power outage from the Jazira region is the best evidence of water cut-off by Turkey.

Today’s intake of water reaches 230 m³/s, the level of Tishreen Dam is 320.33 m³, while the natural level is 325.

The Euphrates Dam level reached 298.48 m³, while the natural level is 304 m³, according to the Energy and Communication Office.

Reporting by Dilbreen Moosa – Editing by Juan Shikaki