Crisis Management Team in Syria’s Euphrates region to extend lockdown

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – Aziza Ibrahim, co-chair of the Health Board in the Euphrates region and a member of the Crisis Management Team, said on Tuesday that a new decision will be issued for the Euphrates region after the end of the total lockdown, as a total lockdown will be applied again for another ten days.

“A complete lockdown will be applied again for 10 days.There will be some exceptions for industrialists and vegetable stores,

and also for those working in agriculture, as agricultural harvesters are prepared,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim said “we can’t figure out yet whether the lockdown was useful or not; the results of the lockdown will appear during the current week.”

On April 9, the Crisis Management Team in the Euphrates region imposed a complete lockdown that lasted until April 18.

On Sunday, the Crisis Management Team in the Euphrates region announced that its areas in Kobani, Sarrin, and their countryside, and the countryside of Tal Abyad, will abide by the lockdown decision imposed by the Autonomous Administration until April 22.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the region since the beginning of April has reached 109. Within ten days of the lockdown, 76 infected cases were recorded, according to the Health Board.

As for the number of swabs,  approximately 15-25 swabs were done per day. During April they took 370 swabs, 109 tested positive,  according to the Crisis Management Team in Kobani.

This is the statistic of both COVID-19 Hospital and Crisis Management Team Hospital.

The Euphrates region includes two centers to provide health services related to the diagnosis and treatment of people infected with coronavirus, one of them in the city of Kobani (Mashta Noor Health Center), and the other in the village of Yadi Qawi south of Kobani (Covid 19 Center).

The rapid response team for the epidemic in the Euphrates region consists of 24 people conducting coronavirus tests in clinics, hospitals and health centers.

A member of the Crisis Management Team at the Mashta Noor Health Center, Malak Faki, said that samples and swabs are taken by the team and by the staff of the Covid Hospital in the village of Yadi Qawi.

She indicated that the number of suspected cases and the number of infected cases according to the results of PCR tests increased in the recent period and is taking an upward trend.

Reporting by Fattah Issa

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