Northeast Syria’s Internal Security Forces hold annual conference

RIMEILAN, Syria (North Press) – The Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in North and East Syria revealed their work for 2020, recorded complaints and crimes in their areas, as well as the violations that committed within Turkish-held Syrian territory during their annual conference on Wednesday.  

Asayish stated that people in the areas held by Turkish forces and their affiliated armed opposition groups were still exposed to continuous attacks by “mercenaries who belonged to terrorist organizations such as ISIS.”

Asayish spokesman Ali Hassan said during a press conference that they documented violations committed against women and children that “reached to extent of kidnapping in the areas occupied by Turkey.”

During the annual conference the Asayish confirmed that the international community was silent “regarding these repetitive crimes, as well as the continuous shelling on the town of Ain Issa,” and wished for an international response and firm condemnations of these violations.  

“Asayish detained dozens of sleeper terrorist cells, confiscated hundreds of weapons, explosive materials, detonators, and silencers, and arrested leaders and officials of terrorist cells,” Hassan said.

He revealed that about 35 Asayish members lost their lives and 74 others were wounded while they were fulfilling their security tasks.

Asayish revealed the number of willful murders, attempted murders, suicides, rapes, forgeries, identity thefts, cases of human smuggling, fraud, administrative corruption, kidnapping, and smuggling of artifacts, and other crimes that were recorded within a year.

Hassan added that their forces managed to document 933 drug cases and arrested 1,562 people including traders, prompters, and users who were transferred to the Public Prosecution Office.

Internal Security Forces also confiscated about 774,754 narcotic pills, and 3,500 cannabis plants, and 413 grams of heroin.

The number of the detained antiquities smugglers reached 190, divided into 76 networks possessing 5,355 artifacts, the majority of which are forged, and 2,440 artifacts were received from a resident of Raqqa, which he kept fearing of being stolen by ISIS while they belong to the Archaeological Museum of Raqqa, according to the statement of the security forces.

Asayish announced the detention of 106 ISIS fighters, 269 explosions, and stated that the security apparatus conducted 58 security operations accompanied by the Global Coalition.  

About 391 IEDs and mines, 21 explosive belts, 271 shells and bombs, and two bikes were dismantled.

At the end of the conference, the Internal Security Forces blessed the Christmas feasts and the New Year for the residents of northeast Syria, and pledged to intensify and develop work to maintain the security and stability of the region.

Reporting by Solnar Muhammad